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Research Paper In Ethiopia

This article is a review paper based on review of published and un published documents on research ethics in Ethiopia and the AAU-CHS (2007-2012). Thematic summaries of.

  • in Ethiopia. In order to achieve the stated objective a synthesis model of monetarist and cost-push inflation theories is estimated using vector autoregressive (VAR) and single equation error correction models. The estimated models enable to understand the short run and the long run price dynamics in Ethiopia between 1994/95 and 2007/08.

  • Customer Satisfaction in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (A case of Bishofftu Branch) By: Endalkachew Abebe A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for masters of business administration degree in marketing Management Advisor: Dr. Birihanu Borji (PhD) Associate professor in Marketing Mgt Co advisor: Seid Mohamed (Ato)

  • A thesis has the following aims and objectives: • To formulate a research question and develop a research plan that includes a time management strategy • To learn relevant and theoretical insights into real problems • To generate new knowledge • To report research and results clearly and systematically • To assist you in your development as a scholar • To broaden your.


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